people think they know me but they aint never even seen me go ham and sing 90% of the lyrics to john mayers continuum

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C-M-B make you drop it like it’s hot


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Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

I said, “hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side.”

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The girls back home that magically become cowgirls/country af whenever a country concert comes in town, Ain’t never seen a damn farm in their life annoy tf out of me. Like bitch you was raised on panera bread get the fuck outta here.


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Title Fight - Make You Cry

"Still fall asleep with open eyes,
with bad dreams to occupy my time.
We’re on a strict death schedule-
it keeps us all in line.”

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Gypsy 83

been catching up on LOK all day…didnt really realize i missed a whole 3 books over these couple years. oops

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